Right Before Our Eyes ;Part 2 – Muslim Brotherhood as (killers)

By : ( Thierry Meyssan )

We continue to publish the book by Thierry Meyssan, “Right Before Our Eyes- Sous nosyeux”.

In this episode, the author describes how an Egyptian secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood, was created and then re-created after the Second World War by British intelligence.

“Arab Spring Revolutions,” as the Muslim Brotherhood has lived: In 1951 MI6 formed a secret political association, from an old organization of the same name: the Muslim Brotherhood. They were repeatedly used to assassinate the characters they resisted, and then since 1979 they became mercenaries against the Soviets.

The group was then included in the early 1990s, within NATO, and in 2010 an attempt was made to bring them to power in some Arab countries.

The funding of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Naqshibandi Sufi group amounts to at least $ 80 billion annually by the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, making it one of the largest armies in the world. All the “jihadist leaders”, including the leaders of the ISIS (Daesh), belong to this military apparatus.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Four empires disappeared during the First World War: the German Reich, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Tsarist Russia, and the Ottoman Upper Gate.

The winners of this war were utterly dishonest and imposed their unjust conditions on the defeated. Thus in Europe, the Treaty of Versailles set unacceptable conditions for Germany by making them the sole responsible for the conflict.

In the East, the Ottoman Empire was badly divided:

The San Remo Conference (1920), according to the Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916), authorized the United Kingdom to establish a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine, while France launched the colonization of Syria (including Lebanon now).

However, Mustafa Kemal, the rest of the Ottoman Empire, rebelled against both the Sultan who lost the war and the Westerners who took over his country.

The Ottoman caliphate at the Sifr Conference (1920) was fragmented into small pieces to create several new states, including the Kurdistan region.

Which led to the uprisings of the population of Turkey – Mongolia, in Tiras, Anatolia and raise Kamal to the top of power.

Ultimately, the current borders were delineated at the 1919 Lausanne Conference, the renunciation of the idea of the state of Kurdistan and the organization of massive population transfers, resulting in more than half a million deaths.

But, as happened in Germany when Adolf Hitler objected to the fate of his country, alsoa man rose in the Middle East against the new division of the region; an Egyptian school teacher established political movement to revive the Islamic caliphate defeated by the Westerners. This man was Hassan al-Banna and this organization is the Muslim Brotherhood (1928).

This secret society has spread so rapidly. It intended to work from within the system to restore Islamic institutions. The members of the group had to swear on the Koran, the sword, or the rifle, with loyalty to the founder of the group.

The group’s goal is purely political, even if expressed in religious terms. Hassan al-Banna, or his successors, did not come across Islam as a religion or raised the spiritual aspects of Islam.

For them Islam is a doctrine, submission to God, and exercise of power.

Certainly, Egyptians who support the Muslim Brotherhood do not look at it this way.

For Hasan al-Banna, the legitimacy of a government is not measured by its representation of the people as it is in Western governments, but according to its ability to defend the “Islamic way of life”, that means Ottoman Egypt in the 19th century.

The Brotherhood has never thought that Islam has a history, and that the way of life of Muslims varies greatly depending on regions and ages.

They never saw that the Prophet had revolutionized the Bedouin community in which he lived. And that the way of life described in the Qur’an, is only a specific stage developed for these people.

For them, the penal rules in the Qur’an – the Shari’a – do not correspond to a specific situation but they define the fixed laws on which the authority can be based upon.

The fact that the Islamic way of life was often imposed by the sword justified the Brotherhood’s use of force.

The Brotherhood never admitted that Islam was also spread by ideals.But this did not stop Banna and the Brotherhood from running for political elections, and losing them.

If they denounce the political parties, this is not because of their opposition to the principle of multiparty, but because the process of separating religion from politics has brought them into corruption.

The doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood is the ideology of “political Islam” expressed in French as “Islamism”. In 1936, Hassan al-Banna wrote to the Prime Minister (Mustafa al-Nahhas) asking him for:

-Reforming legislation and unifying all courts under the shadow of Islamic law.

-Recruitment in the army through the establishment of volunteers under the banner of jihad.

-Contact with Islamic countries and prepare for the restoration of the Caliphate, in accordance with the unity required by Islam.

Then, during World War II, the group declared itself neutral. Because in fact they had turned into a mere intelligence apparatus for the benefit of the Reich.

But as the United States entered the war and the balance of power changed; it became involved in a double game and began receiving money from the British, in return for providing private information about their primary operator.

Thus, the Brotherhood revealed a complete absence of principles and absolute political opportunism.

to be continued…

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