Do Not Let Anyone Take Away Your Confidence and Pride in Your Identity

When Nelson Mandela was studying law at the university, one of his professors, named Peter, was white and he detested him…

One day Peter was having lunch in the university canteen when Nelson Mandela approached him carrying his food and sat near him.

It looks like you do not know, Mr. Mandela that pigs and birds do not sit and eat together!’Prof.

Peter said to him. Mandela looked at him and answered calmly: “do not worry professor. I will fly away from you!” Then he moved and sat on another table…

The Professor couldn’t stand Mandela’s answer, so he decided to take revenge. Thus, The next day, Prof.

Peter asked Mandela a question in the classroom saying: “Mr. Mandela, if one day you were walking in the street and you found a box with two bags inside it, the first is a bag of money and the second is a bag of wisdom.

Which bag would you choose?

Without hesitation Mandela answered: “I would take the money bag, of course” The Prof.

smiled and said mockingly “if I were you, I would take the wisdom bag… Mandela replied coldly “people take what they lack!”

Prof. Peter then was going mad with anger and hatred so he wrote “stupid” on Mandela’s exam paper and handed it to him!..

Mandela took the exam paper and tried to stay calm at his desk, A few minutes later, Mandela stood and headed towards the Prof.

and politely said “Prof. Peter, you signed the paper with your name, but you did not put a mark for me”!

Moral lesson… (Do not ever allow anyone to take away your confidence and pride in your identity).

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