Right Before Our Eyes ;Part 3 – Muslim Brotherhood as (killers)

By : (Thierry Meyssan) 

We continue to publish Thierry Meyssan’s book, Sous nosyeux, where the author continues his talk about how an Egyptian secret group, the Muslim Brotherhood, was created and re-created after World War II by British intelligence.

The Brotherhood tried their luck on February 24, 1945, by attempting to assassinate the Egyptian prime minister in the midst of a parliamentary session, which resulted in an escalation of violence: a crackdown on them, and a series of political assassinations involving the new prime minister on December 28, 1948, in a counterattack on Hassan al-Banna himself, on February 12, 1949.

Soon after, a court was established under martial law, which sentenced most of the Brotherhood to prison terms and dissolved their association.

This secret organization was nothing more than a gang of murderers who aspired to seize power by hiding their ambitions by hiding behind the Koran. Its history was supposed to stop there.

But none of that happened ? Rebuilding the Brotherhood by the Anglo-Saxons and separate peace with Israel: The Brotherhood’s ability to mobilize people into killers has caught the attention of the superpowers.

Contrary to his denials, Mr. Qutb was a Mason. He published an article entitled “Why I Become a Mason”, published in the Egyptian (al-Taj) Magazine, on 23 April 1943.

Two and a half years after its dissolution, the British formed a new organization by reusing the Muslim Brotherhood, taking advantage of the imprisonment of their historic leaders, then electing the former judge (Hassan Al-Hudaibi) as general guide.

Contrary to the prevailing idea, there was no historical continuity between the old and the new organization.It was also found that a secret unit belonging to the old organization, the “secret service,” was tasked by Hassan al-Banna to commit attacks, but he denied any connection to it.

This organization was so secretive within the organization itself that it was not affected by the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood and remained at the disposal of the new caliph.

But the new leader decided to distance himself from it, and declared his desire to achieve his goals peacefully.

It is difficult to determine exactly what happened at the time between the English, “who want to re-establish the old secret organization” and the leader who thought he was about to regain presence among the masses; opening the door to a real internal war.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tucked into their administration SayyidQutb, the jihad theorist, whom the guide had previously condemned before concluding an agreement with MI6.

It is impossible to determine the relationships of internal dependency between one group or another.

First, because each foreign branch has its own autonomy, and secondly, the secret units within the organization no longer necessarily belong, not to the general guide, nor to the local guide, but sometimes directly to the CIA and M16.

In the period after World War II,  the British tried toorganize the world in a way to beyond the reach of the Soviets.

In September 1946, in Zurich, Winston Churchill launched the idea of the United States of Europe, as well as the idea of the establishment of the Arab League.

In both cases, the goal was to unite the region away from Russia. Since the beginning of the Cold War, the United States has established associations to support this movement in its favor, like the American Commission for Europe, the United States, and America’s friends in the Middle East.

The CIA in the Arab world has staged two coups. The first was for General Hosni al-Zaim in Damascus (March 1949) and the second by the Free Officers in Cairo (July 1952).

They thought they supported nationalists, presumably anti-communists. In this sense, Washington brought (General SS. Otto Skorzeny) to Egypt, and Nazi General (Fazlullah Zahedi)toIran, accompanied by hundreds of former Gestapo officials to lead the struggle against communism.

Unfortunately, Skorzeny formed the Egyptian police in accordance with the traditions of violence.

In 1963, he chose the CIA and the Mossad against Nasser, while Zahedi created the SAFAK, the most brutal political police of the time.

If (Hassan al-Banna) has set the goal – to reach power through manipulation of religion – then SayyidQutb has identified the means: jihad.

Once the followers recognize the supremacy of the Quran, they can be relied upon to organize them into an army and send them to fight.

Therefore, SayyidQutb established a Manichaean theory that distinguishes between Islamism and “obscurantism”.

So for the CIA and MI6, this cerebral stuffing allows the use of subordinates to control national governments in the Arab world, and then destabilize Muslim areas of the Soviet Union.

Thus, the Brotherhood became an inexhaustible reservoir of terrorists under the slogan: “God is our goal, The Prophet is our example, The Koran is our constitution, Jihad is our path, martyrdom is our highest wish”.

SayyidQutb thought was rational, but it did not make sense.

It publishes an unchanging discourse: Allah / Prophet / Quran / Jihad / Martyrdom, leaving no chance for dialogue.

He places the supremacy of his own logic, above the supremacy of the human mind.

To be continued…

Source : (voltairenet.org)

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