Creativity in results

Sane man follow sthesteps of the righteous people not the evilones. Good role models have been and stillare an important topic in the life of mankind and presented by individuals and groups. The semodels are alwayshighlighted by moral values and all religions.

They are the pillar in building society and its cohesion, and a very important factor in the rapid transformation toward the best when imitating the distinctive models, and this is what the West today called the competitive advantage thatall emulate and follow.

As a society, seeking salvation, can we follow the lead of the  best universities in the world, especially in the field of management, such as the School of Business?

We might ask why the focus on innovation is almost five times more than creativity? At Harvard and most universities in developed countries, even in China today, the very good and practical reason is that innovation is the transformation of new ideas into something concrete, practical and useful to improve human life, that is, inventing something new, or transforming a creative idea into practice as a good, service, or mode of operation.

Since forty years wehavebeen readinga bout the development strategy of nations raving about economic growth – the developed world, including the socialist countries, at that time, rode a car for growth while we rode a horse-drawn carriage, and the distance between us would widen if we did not create our own path of growth.

When we see that the vehicle is still moving but at a much slower pace than it was 40 years ago, we know for sure that the Syrian people can achieve a qualitative leap that takes them to the ranks of developed countries.

Examples of good roles are evident to everyone in the East Asian countries.

This generation must recognize this reality, and work to create and innovate sustainable competitive growth, by following good example, and convert the speed of the vehicle into a high-speed development train, nothing is impossible with dream, faith in the will, creativity and innovation.

Wasn’t America itself a barren land !! Our generation has failed to do so, in fact, without justification; but looking to the future is the path of salvation through dream, work and creativity.

The results of all sciences are now relative to truth and certainty, changing at every moment, and spreading faster than lightning.

Ten years ago we were told we should take a child aspirin to prevent a heart attack, but science today has failed to prove this fact and this applies to science in politics and economics even more, thus the door is open and wecanpass throughit by education .

Unfortunately, when we look at some curriculums in the three levels of schooling, we find that they still teach the sciences of the 19th and early 20th centuries at best.

In the end, we say historians write history while geniuses make the future…


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