Daily Archives: Wednesday September 4th, 2019

The 61st International Exhibition

The Damascus International Fair attracts more and more visitors on the third day, reaching 205000 visitors. The Syrian Pavilion for Trade at the exhibition witnessed a remarkable gathering of parents and their children to buy their school needs because of the approaching opening of schools, while the children’s playground and scattered theaters in the exhibition city were filled with joy ...

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Chemistryof ethics

Practical and scientific ethics have certain chemistry such as the chemistry of love. This chemistry exposes those who claims religion ..they fast .. pray .. Cheer .. But they do not cling to the moral code that the Prophet came to complement the morals, and tried to keep in the hearts of his followers when he said: “don’t be taken ...

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The Role of Terrorist Groups in Promoting Drugs in Syria

In recent years, terrorists have been promoting narcotics in Syria, whether through trafficking to secure funding for their terrorist operations, or to promote abuse to facilitate the recruitment of fighters after brainwashing them for exploitation. In a statement made by an officer in Damascus to the Syrian newspaper Al – Watan, (5167) kg of weed were seized last year. This ...

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