In Essence, the West is Still Unified and Hostile

By Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali


They ask you about the present situation and the question causes dizziness before it rests in a dark wet corner to charge itself for a new series of bitter questions. Similar to the questions, the current Arab situation and conflict situation are the same and inspecting the reality in the questions and answers could lead to sickness so that the Arab conscience is left only to enter into a voluntary coma or escape to the remote dimension ruminating its sorrows and weep over the ruins although the Arab reality has not yet turned into ruins. Western projects, with their contents and objectives, absorb this complex situation in the Arab world, which means the occupation of the land and the plundering of wealth on the one hand and chasing the Arab man to the extent until he feels he has strange face, hand and tongue from his nation.

This is the secret of the greatest danger in all the colonial Zionist terrorist measures now based on the homeland from the outside and from the inside through scalable uses to produce other forms of bitter elongations. To name a few let us consider the story of t capturing the Iranian oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, and the issue in this example is mainly American Zionist tendencies.

These tendencies quickly become orders and behavior patterns in European colonial countries, especially Britain, France and the like. The situation is identical in this story. If Britain occupies Gibraltar bin Ziad and the sea lane that is supervised by this mountain, and if Spain stoops and accepts the status quo, then the question to be initially asked is who gave Britain the right to occupy a small spot with a population not exceeding thirty thousand and consider it part of the property of the British Crown, and before that, who gave the right to Britain to send troops to the Falklands and tens of thousands of kilometers away to extend its sovereignty over those islands and destroy the Argentine national forces.

The story of the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker is another example of colonial forces, which are still based on the extermination of human beings, the plunder of wealth and the implementation of rulers and regimes that have no mission but to respond to every executive order issued by the Western Center. However, the situation has changed and the response to Britain and Britain’s lords would be from the Iranian revolution in a similar manner, which means holding British ships, not a ship in the Strait of Hormuz and the initiator is the aggressor, and the whole world is aware of the major shifts in the confrontation with the colonial West, although the scale of the West is still derived of the function and behavior of the fallen sheikhdoms in the Arabian Gulf.



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