Syria and the Allies…The scene is settled ; the war is ending

The pillars of the alleged structure were shaken, and two biblical strands fell off the head of a swindler whoper formedallhis rituals of psyche propagated to elevate morale within the entitybut they all turned in vain.

A Zionist armored vehicle turned into a coffin at the road of the Avivim barracks, and silence prevailed to raise adrenaline in the veins of the settlers.

This scene coincided with other scenes that preceded it, which was in the advance of the Syrian Arab Army in the southern and southeastern Idlib countryside, then as thousands of fighters, opponents and residents fled to the Turkish border to face the gendarmerie with alloftheir sticks, water and tear gas, the image of Erdogan was burned,what prompted the latter for an urgent distress visit to Moscow, Damascus agreed to the truce, but in exchange for a political settlement , Astana and the elimination of al-Nusraand itssisters in preparation for a fully demilitarized zone,but in the event of any breach, the Syrian army will resume its operation to liberate the rest of Idlib countryside, and Erdogan, accompanied by Putin, went to buy ice cream. Turkish’s throat was so dry that he devoured the Russian ice cream voraciously.

The Ankara position is currently difficult and politically unenviable on the ground. The Syrian Arab Army agreed to the truce on its terms, waving on the snarling to grind the bones of the “rebels” and their “revolution”.

Hezbollah chops Israel’s ear in Avievim, in return Erdogan is in a difficult situation. Thousands of opposition and takfiri environments are stuck at the border while burning his pictures and shouting opposing slogans such as “the Turkish army is traitor”.

The leaders of the terrorist groups exchange accusations and some of them attack the Turks while desertification regimes increase the degree of normalization with Israel.

The last thing the Hebrew media has revealed is that the Israeli army is assisting the Saudi regime in its war on Yemen, while the Turkish-Qatari hostility with the Gulf regimes is increasing and Doha gives the Turkish the advantage of controlling its territorial waters.

After allthathasbeensaid, where is your revolution? Where are John McCain and Henry Levy now? Did the FSA evaporate?

What is left of the geography of Idlib to declare it a safe area? Have the angels fighting with you at the beginning of your “revolution” moved to the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army after settling their situation?

Where is the Turkish and your bet on it? Where is the occupied Gulf in Yemen and the Turkish invasion and threat to the security of that region? .

In short, the warisending ; the game will not end politically quickly, but in the traditional sense of the”ontheground” itallhas been resolved to remain economic and diplomatic confrontations, and those will not be prolonged because the biggest factor was the ground.


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