Organ Trafficking… A Threat on Social Peace

How heartless have those “humans” trading with organs of other humans, young or old, become? How far did their unconsciousness and indifference to other people’s feelings reach?

Some “humans” reached a point where they are kidnapping children, murdering them and taking out their guts to sell them for a bunch of money? What kind of religion or faith might be theirs?

There has become now some specialized mafia called human organs trafficking mafia; somegroups organized gangs that perform those brutal crimes making use of some mercenary people’s need for money to make them lure their victims, anaesthetize them and steal their body organs mercilessly.

Thus, they would raise their money and fortunes out of this dirty business after committing those abhorrent unspeakable crimes

Such crimes raised the worries of all families to the extent that parents no longer think it is safe to let their children go out alone fearing that some conscienceless criminal could hunt them.

It has possible now to buy and sell a child, kidney or any human body organ online via some websites or on Facebook!!

The reason behind the spreading of this phenomenon the economic weakness, abject poverty and the lack of legislations that can put an end to this criminal trade.

Therefore, in order to protect the society from those murderous groups threatening the whole society, measures must be taken, laws must be enacted and the execution by hanging must be the punishment for kidnapping children and trading with their organs to make an example of them to anyone who might attempt to think of committing such nasty crime

You, who could legitimize to yourself the killing of an innocent, sinless soul, do not over rejoice with your deed… God’s justice definitely coming.

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