Educating the Soldier

All powerful ancient civilizations which the world still remembers were based on knowledge, and military education was part of this knowledge and even philosophy was providing some of this military science with a range of cultural values and focuses on the transmission of culture and education known as (inculturation) besides many skills and scientific instruction, there was no illiteracy supported by oral teachings of traditions. Military education in Rome was doing all of the above, along with what it took from Greek military schools.

Physical and national educations were at the forefront of what the fighters were learning and their military tongue says my body and strength are dedicated for my country to prosper.

An important point in achieving the victories that would not have been achieved otherwise would be their belief in the loyalty to the leader with all sincerity and strength. The integration of the commander with his sacred army also represented the highest degree of holiness. With an emphasis on knowing everything about the enemy, everything. Something close to this emerged in Syria, home of The Lions father and son, where doctrinal military schools appeared to raise their great slogan, which was circulated to the Syrian Arab Army “Honor, homeland, loyalty”.

Therefore, the Syrian Arab fighter defended his homeland with all honor and sincerity, and he believed that the land is the honor. We live to protect our land, our honor, our dignity and our pride.

The leadership realized that the pride lies in preserving the sovereign decision of Syria as Sadat realized that getting closer to America, the center of evil in our region, is more harmful than staying away from it;

When the late Assad metsome American presidents, they were amazed by his personality and realized that he grew up on a special military education based first and foremost on maintaining the Syrian sovereign decisionwhich is the reason behind the sacrifice of the Syrian soldiers and based on this the second Assad established military education for his soldiers.

Despite the raids and methods of deception and betrayal, which many real and fake Arabs were tools of, they found nothing in front of the determination and persistence of the Syrian Arab Army to deter the aggression against Syria, which targeted borders and presence! But this does not mean perfection at all, the Syrian Arab army, after it comes out of its battle once and for all, must reconsider other things in military education, especially the focus on the study of all hostile and non-hostile cultures of the mentioned (inculturation) to fully realize the way our enemy thinks and why the Muslim Brotherhood mobilized the people of the land of the Muslims of the Brotherhood to fight us?!.

Even recruits who come to serve the country for a few months on military education do not just have a military course on discipline and the use of weapons in the new military education, we must give them a history of violence in our history from the outsiders to the modern age and to add several months to their service dedicated to create a civilized generation based on knowledge, work, recognizing the enemies of the country, and recognizing all the ethnicities and communities living in this country and teaching them about India and other countries of mixed religions and races whichlive within the same unified country, hence the role of the great national teaching, which must be over all days, months and years of military service along with special studies on reserves (military and civilian) all in a patriarchal national style.

Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi – Damascus.


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