The Martyr of the Mihrab in Syria

The Martyr Imam (Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti) was born in 1929 – 1347 AH in a village on the banks of the Tigris River at the convergence point between the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey.His father was the famouse cleric Mullah Ramadan Bouti.

He attended a primary school in Sarouja. In 1954 he went to Cairo to complete his university studies in Al-Azhar. Then he returned to Damascus after obtaining a degree in Sharia from the Faculty of Sharia in Al-Azhar in 1955.

After that, he obtained a diploma of education from the Faculty of Arabic Language in Al-Azhar in 1956, and then was appointed as a teacher of religious education in Homs in 1958.

He became a lecturer in the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Damascus, and then was sent to Cairo to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Jurisprudence and its origins, his thesis was the book “Controls of Interest in Islamic Sharia” which earned him the first honor degree…

In 1965, he was appointed as a teacher at the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Damascus, and in 1977, he was appointed dean.

Many of his works have been translated into several languages: English, French, German, Turkish, Russian and Malay.

As for the sedition that took place in Syria, the sheikh took the same position that he took from the events of Algeria, which caused it to stop it.

He had a clear and unique position, as he used to address the causes of bloodshed based on everything that the forensic evidence went to, it was an opportunity for his opponents to get him, and to make attempts to tarnish his image, but God chose him as a martyr on the evening of Thursday, 21 March 2013 when he was giving his lesson about the interpretation of the Koran In the mihrab of Al-Iman Mosque in Damascus with about fifty students of forensic science when he deserved the title of the “Martyr of the Mihrab”.


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