A call for refugees .. When will we learn ?!

According to Rai al-Youmnewspaper, the Arab refugee, the Syrian in particular, with his competencies , expertise , a belief in the values of mastery of work and his high efficiency, represents an added value to the countries he resorted to because of circumstances beyond his control, such as wars resulting from external interventions targeting his country and its territorial integrity for purely colonial reasons.

“The refugees are the foundation of the miracle of the German economy to come,” Dieter Zetsche, head of the German carmaker Daimler Group, was quoted by The Times as saying.

The newspaper added:”As the Turkish authorities prepare to deport Syrian refugees from Istanbul and other cities where they reside, to their refugee camps and other cities where they are registered, Kuwait is revoking work permits for more than 60,000 foreign workers, and semi-official statistics confirm the return of about five million foreign workers In Saudi Arabia to their countries because of the high taxes and duties imposed by the state in the framework of a strategy to reduce their numbers, and exacerbated demands in Egypt to deport the Syrians, scientific studies conducted in Germany proved that the policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel of opening the doors of her country to other Syrian refugees is beginning to yield both positive economic and social benefits “.

“Besides” According to the German official statistics, four years after absorbing one million refugees from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Pakistan and Iran, at least one-third of them have become a model for integration into German society. They are now in permanent jobs, paying taxes to the German government, just like the original citizens, because they are young, have educational qualifications, a great willingness to education and work, and have been a solution to the problem of low births in the country”.

Rai al-Youm  concluded the article by saying “May my people know, learn and place the long-term interests of their country and nation over racial and populist narrow-minded and short-term considerations that led to classify Arabs at inferior status among nations”.


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