CIA; Drugs and Terrorism

Drugs are the first industry in the world before oil ‘At a time of uproar over political Islam and terrorism in general, it is worth recalling who controls the drug trade, and who organizes the smuggling in the world’ where drugs transgressed as an economic crime to become an organized crime of criminal origin appeared slowly By the criminal organizations of Germany and the United States, thanks to the huge profits made by these criminal organizations, the drug trade has grown tremendously as a criminal reality characterized by a qualitative and quantitative development manifested by the expansion of networks and increased circulation, represented by the increase in illicit drug trafficking, violence and violence, all kinds of fraud, corruption and recycling proceeds of crime, money laundering?

The CIA’s control of the drug trade is a global reality, and drug consumption is not recent. It is part of the history of the United States. Very famous names have appeared on the horrifying scene, including “skulls and bones”societywho share the monopoly, marketing and trade of drugs with their mafias around the world.

The relationship between drugs and cross-border terrorism has long been established. Cannabis brought to the Mexican organizations 65% of their income, except marijuana transferred to the United States, which is famous for cultivation to use silently and secretlyinits war to dominate the world, through networks and international organizations,it is well known that terrorist networks are always looking for funding obtained illegally, especially in countries experiencing acts of terrorism such as Syria, the convergence of the interests of America and drug dealers with terrorists is clear.

They are seeking protection to buy weapons, agree on their personnel and attract new ones by giving them drugs. Afghanistan is perhaps the biggest example of the association of drug lords with al-Qaeda.

The Afghan province has seen an increase of 59% of opium production to 610 tons or 92% of global production. Today we have enough information about the official role of the CIA and US policy in the world through the drug trade between them and partners that are presented to the world as enemies that should be killed like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The drug trade became more dangerous after the events of July 11, 2001, the Kosovo conflict, which was the national emblem of the poppy, and the invasion of Iraq by the US occupation.

Can we believe global drug control efforts and the close link between the DEA and the CIA? The DEA is powerless to CIA brokers because drugs entering the United States fall under the CIA’s monopoly, which has all the distribution channels from east Asia , Turkey till Burma’s ;the Golden Triangle of the drug trade.

The strategy of subjugating peoples emerges as the mainstay of a strategy based on plans secretly executed by very dangerous groups that adopt terrorism and the drug trade to dominate the world and subjugate the people.


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