A Project by Elon Musk to Control the Human Brain by Computer

NeuraLink Companythat is established by the businessman Elon Musk (the owner of Tesla and SpaceX companies) submitted a request to U.S. Food and Drug Administration that allows connecting human brain to computers.

Musk said during the company’s conference that the experiments succeeded on monkeys and that the computer managed to control their brains.

The company stated that it wants to concentrate on patients sufferingfrom acute neurological cases.

However, Musk thinks that the project will develop to give human super intelligence.

The device developed by the company consists of tiny probe that includes more than 3 thousand electrodes connected to a flexible wire thinner than the human hair.

After that, it would be able to monitor the activity of a thousand nerve cells. The feature of this system is the ability to target very specific areas of the brain which makes it surgically safer.

It will alsobe able to analyze the recordings using automatic learning, which thenwill determine the type of motivation the patient should provide.

Musk said in his representation: “this does not mean that we will directly have this great neurological connection and control people’s brains.

This will take a long time, but the system will at last provide coexisting with artificial intelligence for those selecting this”.

He continued: “through the high-bandwidthbrain machine, we can go ahead, and we have the choice of effectively integrate with artificial intelligence”.

He added thatconnecting brain to computer can create a new layer of “super intelligence” in the human brain which people actually have through their phones”.

Source: alaraby.co.uk.


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