Brothers “Netanyahu and Erdogan” from Khan to Khan … Traitors, Brothers and the key of Idlib

By : ( Naram Sargon )

I do not know if I’m getting old early or if my eyes are blurred due to years and years of reading until I eroded the letters on the banks of books, Facebook and hostile sites.

Or if my eyes were scratched and wounded due to the large quantity of brutality images published by the opposition …

I have a situation that needs explanation; when I look at Netanyahu’s picture I see Erdogan and when I look at the picture of his wife Sara I see Amina.

When I see Turkey’s red flag, the crescent looks like a hexagonal star. If I gaze at the Israeli flag, I don’t see a six-pointed star, but I see a red crescent.

The truth is that I am not tired or sick … few days ago I examined my eyes at a famous ophthalmologist and he said my sight is perfect… He even told me that my eyes are like the ones of a blue dove … And that what I see is the truth… And I see what people do not see…

Erdogan was occupying Khan Sheikhoun in the north … Netanyahu was once knocking on the door of Khan Arnabeh with his mercenaries in the south … Between the two Khans the atmosphere was filled with traitors and treason…

As the Syrian army encircles Erdogan’s military in Murk, Netanyahu moves south to press the northern front to stop Erdogan’s humiliation.

These days Erdogan will not find an ally like his brother Netanyahu, who shares him his pain, fear and destiny.

The loss of Erdogan in the north means that Netanyahu will pay a price in the south … The loss of Netanyahu in the south means that Erdogan will pay a price in the north…

The natural logic is that Erdogan will use Netanyahu and Netanyahu will use Erdogan… And the only hope for Netanyahu to avoid the defeat is Erdogan’s winning in the north…besides; Erdogan’s victory in the north can only be achieved by Netanyahu’s wining in the south.

His retaliation against us by the raids was in solidarity with his brother, the ruthless and defeated Erdogan in the north, but it seems to be the end of the two brothers who are eroding north and south.

It is believed that this meeting with Putin is to draw up a plan for a gradual Turkish withdrawal from Idlib under Russian supervision according to a specific time frame based on the participation of the Syrian opposition – not the Brotherhood – in Turkey in a peaceful solution… Because it is clear to everyone that the Turks stay in Idlib is impossible, especially since the key to Idlib is now in the hands of the Syrian army.

There is a real Turkish fear for the fate of the Turkish soldiers who have come face to face with the Syrian army.

What makes Erdogan incapable is that Netanyahu, like him, is incapable of doing anything except by flying from afar … or by disturbing Syria with drones, like Abu Muhammad al-Golani in Idlib.

Until Netanyahu today was shocked and silenced after Mr. Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to punish severely.

my eyes, which are not old yet, can see that the victory of the North is the victory of the South, just like how the eyes of Mr.

Hassan Nasrallah can see that the prayer time in Al-Aqsa is approaching. I see today that Idlib is opening its doors to us as Majdal Shams is starting to feel us approaching it and will open its doors to us.

We will be on the northern border soon, closing the file of Erdogan (Netanyahu of the North) and close his mouth and the mouth of all Turkey with military boots so that silence wouldn’t be of gold but of military boots…

we will knock on the forts of Netanyahu (Erdogan of the south) in the Golan and we will dive with our feet in the beach of Tiberias as the late Hafez al-Assad wished ..

Do you see with me what I see? If you don’t; that means that the wheel of time on which you are standing is pierced, because it is still stalled in the time of (the invincible Israeli army) …

And the time of (the caliph returning from the stomachs of centuries ago) …

from this day on; no longer there will be Caliphs or an invincible army.

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