A new Syria and a new educational world

By :  Dr.  Ali al-Shoaibi

Syria will emerge , from the unjust war imposed on it, victorious holding the Syrian flag highinthe sky. It will be a role model for many Arab and non-Arab countries, and its war with more than a hundred countries willbe taught worldwide.

There will be many opportunities and committees to discuss the causes, factors and weaknesses that have prolonged the war and caused many casualties except the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the victorious homeland withall that blood and wounds sustained and the many injuries suffered by many of our heroic soldiers.

There will be a lot of time to discuss all the weaknesses, first and foremost the education system that millions of our people have went through.

Victory, which will be achieved, God willing, will open the door to honesty and frankness as we will discuss the post-war phase and there will be a frank and cruel questions that says: What is this education, which did not deter many from betraying their homeland,and showed them so weak as the ybetrayed the homeland and made the Syrian stand with Turkistani, Uyghur and Chechen against his brothers in the destruction of mosques and temples and killing parents !!.

Do not tell me their Islamic theories that according to their thinkers do not believe in the homelands! If you say that, you have stood with me and supported me that we did not have a proper education or understanding of the true religion and we knew that our enemies lurking us!

Whatan education that makes some of the people of the country embrace the murderers of criminals against their homeland and their people. What is this education, which turned out not to have produced scientists as it should? It only produced failures in the world of education, which had a bad impact during the unjust war on us.

This leads us to reconsider the educational programs that must be put in place to contribute to the building of a new Syria, as Japan and Germany did after the Second World War.

So it may be early to develop these programs, but it is not early to delete certain subjects from the world of teaching that had the greatest impact on the slippery incubators and traitors, many of whom appeared in particular families and rural squares in particular and the first of those materials that have provided religion to our students for seventy years in the Wahhabi way and the religious discourse that has never changed.

There must be a new religious book that sanctifies the homeland with a few pages as well as bringing modernity to the religious discourse.

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