The Importance of Arabic Language

The Arabic language is one of the most important features of the Arab identity.

It worked long on transmitting the history and culture of the Arab civilizations over time.

It is considered one of the most factors thatpreserved on the unity of the Arab nation from the ocean to the gulf. The importance of the Arabic language comes from the following:

  • The full statement is written only in Arabic.

  • It occupies the fourth place as the mostspoken language in the world.

  • Its ability to help in expression due to its characteristics, words and structures.

  • It is considered the best way to help in recording thoughts and sensations.

  • The language of the Holy Quran which is considered the heaven’s miracle and the universal massage from God to humans. Arabic was reserved as result of the holy Quran being reversed across the ages, and due to its advantages that are mentioned by a few studies like its emptiness of all imperfections that may lead to the disappearance of languages over time.

  • Learning Arabic for non-native speakers will be a characteristic for excellence and intelligence because there is a few of those who master it in the western countries.

  • Learning Arabic will facilitate learning other languages such as the Persian and Turkish which share its linguistic roots with Arabic

  • The Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the fine arts that are characterized withdecorum cultivation, talents enhancing, and delicate sense. The most beautiful Arabiccalligraphies are:

    1-Kofi script, 2-Naskh script, 3- Roqaa script, 4- Althulth script, 5- Persian script, 6- Aldiwani script.

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