An Invitation to Intellectuals of the Arab World to Take Islam out of the Salafist Ideology Bottle

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi.  

This talk is of a high caliber but it is a fact and an invitation that we should stop at and an invitation to those in the far ocean and to those in the gulf.

There are dozens of researchers, writers, poets and thousands of clerics – do not tell me that there are no clergy in Islam – yes clerics distributed on deadly schools of thought .. dark Salafist who accuse everyone who does not follow them of apostasy. These schools were divided in the last 20 years into various Salafist groups which started to accuse each other of apostasy in recent years.

Egyptian Prof. ” Ahmad Mansour al Azhari” exposed these ideological, Jihadist, combat and Takfiri Salafists and provided a scientific evidence and a witness after a witness  proving that the ancestors were not following Prophet Mohammad’s religion and Hadith books that the Salafists claim that they are holding on to and nobody ever thought of questioning the credibility of those books. In my long scientific journey that exceeded sixty five years, I came across a Manuscript Book titled (the rightful guiding light that not all what is included in the authentic collections of Hadith is true) in the Islamic manuscripts centers in Istanbul and when I read it I asked to photocopy it to verify its authenticity, they did not allow me to do it.

I said to myself that maybe the author did not care about our opinion, we Ahl Al-Sunna, but he turned out to be a Hanbalis Imam from the 7th Hijri century (Hibatullah bin Abdul Rahem Al Iraqi) who died in /605/ Hijri.

When you search about the persons who bestowed infallibility on these books, you find out that they appeared with the Wahabbi and Salafist parties who want to exploit certain books for their ideology and they found what they were looking for in those six books which contain Hadiths that damage the picture of the dignified prophet and do a great disservice to him and some of them accuse him of having poor morals, yes to a great extent starting with Al Bokhari who offend prophet Mohammad a lot and he is just a mythical character named (Mohammad bin Ismael Al Bokhari) and if we remember when Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said: I am Mohammad bin Ismael bin Ibrahim.

Salafist Movement that destroyed Islam while being proud about adhering to the ancestors’ movement!! The movement that they claim allegiance to is responsible for the destruction of Islam ideologically, humanly, progressively and with diligence and the person who dedicates his/her time to prove this will find astonishment and amazement in this destructive ideology that claims its goal to be the adherence to the Sunna!!

They are sticking to books that distorted the greatness of Islam. This matter does not require any evidences about the works of Salafist, their ideology, thinking results and their work which resulted in the destruction of Islam through restricting it to them, and this means that all Muslims do not exceed 5 million from 1.5 billion Muslims.

And to accomplish my goal in providing scientific evidence proving the corruption of the ancestors and Salafists in my article, I refer the reader to what was written by Egyptian Prof.

Ahmad Mansour al Azhari in a series of articles where he proves the bad manners of the so-called Salaf and their departure of the true Islamic religion. You can search on YouTube about for Prof. Ahmad Mansour and his research about the topic.

We will continue exposing this ideology which destroyed, froze, hindered, and restricted Islam generally in social matters which are changing from era to era with regard to the Zionist support to this ideology.

This is not just an article it is a scream for all whom I mentioned in the beginning of my article to take Islam out of the bottle and unchain it.

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