With Knowledge Only Communities Survive

The educational reality does not separate from the general Syrian wreckage, but it is the most dangerous threat and the more durable in the devastating effects of war because its catastrophic effects and results will appear for decades to come as it happens in all the wars that tear the society and the state.

The dialogue and participation must therefore be two approved versions practically and verballyin the selection of priorities, policies and constructing approaches.

Regardless of the substantive difficulty that faces the pragmatic pedagogical process which restored the achievements of education in the field of education, cultivation and citizenship; this does not mean that the purely national efforts are enough.

There are a lot of the current and coming problems that needs discussion and new policies for the education to be more recent and in harmony with the needs and targets of the society alike.

The impeccable remark is that education still in the heart of the national project in Syria,regardless of the different events and political and economic pressures.

Furthermore, we have to acknowledge that the more the educational policies are based on dialogue and participation, the more it serves the supreme national interest so that we could make everyone participate in a national project that aims for saving Syria, keeps her pluralistic identity and restore its role and glory as it was throughout  history.


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