Daily Archives: Tuesday September 24th, 2019

AramcoOperation… andSwapping the Confrontation Fields

The writer “Nasser Qandeel” believes that the description of the Americans and Saudisabout Aramco operation is enough to know the qualitative development that it represented in the major confrontation between Washington and its supporterson one handand the axis of resistance on the other hand. It is a threat to the international security and peace andglobal economy, and it is a ...

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Devising aNew Way of Extracting Oil from Depleted Oil Wells

Scientists from Tyumen University in Russia have devised a new way of extracting oil from depleted wells using the nanoparticles’ solution of flat graphene which pushes the liquid in the borderline between oil and water. The(Journal of Physics: Conference Series)that haspublished the results of this studyreports that most of oil wells are about to deplete. In order to extract as ...

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