The West, which lost the war, retaliates against Assad who won

By : (Naram Sargon)

Whatever was said about the hidden feelings, they cannot remain conscientious forever and must find a way to infiltrate from the deep cracks of the soul and show through a word ,a slip of tongue ,a poem ,a speech or an article..

But the feelings released by a defeated human being are not only cruel in their kind but coupled with their hatred for the truth by putting their prophecies, wishes, dreams, impossible dreams, and incapable supplication to destiny to respond to their wishes.Perhaps one of the best examples is what Western newspapers write these days of anger, disappointment, frustration and anger mixed with wishes and empty dreams talking about Syria and President Assad.

The writers almost write insults of that kind to deny the misfortune that made everyone lose to Assad .. And they blame God that he did not decide to help the West ..

If you were to measure the degree of disappointment, frustration and despair in the West of the project to overthrow Syria, only read some of what is written ..

If you put your hand on the forehead of any of the writers of articles and columns found that he is feverish , sweaty , his pressure is high and his heart beats quickly ..

He admits forced and compelled witha sense of humiliation in his language that President Assad won the war and that Idlib sooner or later will fall into his hands..

The fact that the mere reading of these depressing articles in which the whimper of pain and oppression is heard is a source of pleasure and satisfaction for us…

especially when the recognition of the victory of the Syrians coupled with jellied prophecies and readings.Of course, the Western mind insists that the victory be attributed to President Assad only so that the conflict in Syria remains in the eyes of the readers a struggle for Assad..

Whoever wins is Assad, and who advances is Assad’s army over the poor (revolutionaries) without mentioning in a single word al-Qaeda and the poor Abu Muhammad al-Golani ..

Although what must be written is the victory of the Syrian people and the Syrian army ..

All these wishes that the victory of the President Assad is incomplete and costly ;are a medal on the chest of President Assad and the Syrian people and his army because the Western mind full of arrogance and betrayal has broken and surrendered stubbornness to the truth and bowed to reality and victory and acknowledged that the Syrian army in Idlib will play the tune of the end soon in deciding the last battles.Of course, no one expects the West to praise the victory and say that national independence deserves a lot.

The Western mind is not used to losing. It is a very arrogant mind, because it believes that the twentieth century has devoted it as an invincible superpower.

The harsh realities of such a relatively small country like Syria have conquered all the experiences and energies that the West spent for a possible war.

So expect that you will enjoy a lot of articles of this caliber and funeral melody and angry military symphonies and read many prophesies about the horrors of the people, despite his victory ..

Horrors wished for him by the defeated West,After the Syrian people stood on the ruins of Europe’s devastated prestige, which was destroyed by the Syrian people, and President Assad stood with his people on broken heads and skulls of minds that designed the Arab Spring, that its time has come to an end.

The original image from The Economist’s article (Syria will poison the region for years to come) but we have corrected the vision and removed the rubble and dust from the real images that the West has not revealed.

What President Assad stands on is the rubble of Western time that has begun to recede.

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