How canwe develop Syria ?

By : ( Dr. Ali al – Shoaibi )

Thisarticle addressed to decision-makers in Syria, especially the Ministries of Education and Justice. Look at what our great army has done to repel the aggression, shaping the colors on Syria.

Our military command knew the size and potential of the aggressors against Syria, but was determined to defend with all its might and loyal friends and brothers to stand by in the battle to repel the aggression and get the aggressors out.We; as a people ;have becomesincerely believers with all what our political and military leadership says.

If we want Syria to progress and develop in all spheres of life, all officials in Syria should follow the example of the political and military leadership therein; likeDeveloping plans; will; determination; hard work; education and justice at the forefront of ministries that have to follow the example of what the Syrian leadership did in overcoming aggression.

Let us start with the talk of education: officials in education must work to graduate generations of learners whom their first and last concern is the Syrian homeland, and must answer the following question:

How can Syria become a world leader ? Is it necessary that the student study twelve years to enter the university?!.

Isn’t it enough ten years spread over the stages? Why the long summer vacation?

Why not be educational workshops during which students can takealook at the systems of developed countries and enter the world of work in factories ? Why do not our ministries of education are interested in laboratories ?

There is no excuse for its budget, as they are as important as food and medicine.

The most important thing to focus on here in the talk of education is to emulate what our great army has done in gaining a solid victory.

As for the Ministry of Justice, it is great as justice is the soul of the country and the secret of its development.

As the people trusted their political and military leadership and reassured that their country was liberated from the invading invaders, it must has an absolute trust in justice comes from all Syrian courts and the public’s perception of judges and justice in Syria changes to become an example for neighboring and non-neighboring peoples.

If there is justice in this or that court, it does not give an absolute picture of the process of justice;  just like seeing a rose doesn’t mean that spring has come.

If the success rate in education is equal to 80 or more acceptable in the journey of perfection, the rate of ninety and ninety-five percent just is not enough; here the ratio must be fully complete, it is the people’s money and people’s lives.

Thus, education and justice is the train’s trail of progress and development of the country and no train without them will take us toward progress and development.

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