The Kurdish problem and omissions in planning for the future

The researcher “Mohammed Kurd Ali” is a historian of the Levant and from the integrated and Arabized Kurds, he went to the Syrian island(Al-Jazeera) to study the reality after the succession of Kurdish migrations. He was sent at the time by the government, alongwith the Minister of Education after the French Commission began to work to weaken the Syrian society then.

In the meantime, he presented his report (1931), warning of the dangers on the security of Syria of concentrating immigration from Turkey toAl-Jazeera, and suggested housing the migrants (identified by Kurdish, Syriac, Armenian, and Jewish elements), especially the Kurds who landed across the Syrian-Turkish border, in places far from Kurdistan’s borders so that their presence in the near or distant future on ‘tcausepolitical problems thatmight lead to al-Jazeera being cut off, or most of it, from the body of the Syrian state.

The Syrian historian noted that immigrants reside on the banks of the Tigris, Khabour, Jagjag, Balikh, and Euphrates (they cut from the rivers of those rivers what they like, and it is not strangeifone day the yclaimed owning those beaches, although most of them are properties of the state).

Therefore, he proposed (equitable redistribution of land, and the requirement that the holders of land near the irrigation outlet to reclaim fallow land in exchange for it), and pointed to the adoption of an early national integration policy, and that the Kurds and Armenians must be mixed with Arabs in the villages in the middle of the country not on its borders to prevent anybadeffect in the future. “We are now on the first step of the ladder, we can think and calculate,” he said.

From 1931 until the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”, we do not seem to have absorbed the report of the historian Muhammad Kurd Ali or tried to pay attention to the existence of a single identity that brings together the Syrian population of all nationalities under the slogan” the homeland is for all”, neitherrwepaidattention to good planning so as the existence of”gray varieties “won’t be problematic inside the Syrian country that work for the American and Israeli ..

Western policy of French and American has always planted a policy of “divide and rule” to break up the Arab countries and divide them by the presence of gray groups once under the name of religion and once under the name of nationalism and the rights of people and democracy.

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