Syrian doctor Asadour Altounian Asadour Altounian

is considered to be the first to establish the foundations of modern medicine and surgery in Aleppo. He was the first to bring and use penicillin in Syria after his discovery in 1928, and the first to bring the X-ray machine for the city of Aleppo in 1896, a year after its discovery.

He was the first to establish a nursing schools in Aleppo (1927) which served the city of Aleppo for more than seventy years continuously, and his operating room in his hospital was one of a kind in the Middle East.

He opened his first hospital in the neighborhood of Aqaba in Aleppo, then began to build the modern Altounian Hospital, which was completed in 1911. Dr. Altounian created the first nursing school in Aleppo in his hospital in 1927, and was elected an honorary president of the Medical Association of Aleppo in 1937, and then circulated the idea of nursing schools in Syria and Lebanon.

In 1930, the Governor of Aleppo awarded him the second class Syrian honor, on behalf of the Syrian government, and then he received the Syrian Order of Merit on April 11, 1931. In 1939, he participated in the World Surgical Medical Conference in New York with a lecture entitled (Fifty Years of My Medical Life).

At the end of the conference, he was awarded the title of (scientist) with a gold medal and a certificate of honor membership for the Faculty of International Surgeons. After his return to Aleppo, the Syrian government awarded him First-class Order of Merit for his medical services to Syria.

After his death in 1950, the Syrian government awarded him the Order of Merit of the highest degree, the only book he published on surgery was entitled (Conservative Surgery in Aleppo) .

Altounian was a loyal Syrian citizen to his Syrian country for more than seventy consecutive years, he died in 1950, and was buried in the courtyard of the Emmanuel Armenian Protestant Church in al-Azizia neighborhood of Aleppo, which he donated its construction, later on the municipality of Aleppo launched his name on one of the streets of Aleppo (behind the tourist hotel).

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