Daily Archives: Tuesday October 1st, 2019

Oil pipelines from Iran to the Syrian coast ..

Since Iraq announced on July 9 this year that it is pumping Iraqi oil through the Kirkuk pipelines to the port of Baniyas on the Syrian coast, it has been clear that there are projects to restart this pipeline, which stopped functioning in 1982 when Baghdad severed its relationship with Damascus. There is no doubt that the resolution would have ...

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A preacher close to Trump .. “Opponents in Syria were humiliated by God because they attacked President Assad”

A well-known American figure close to US President Trump has described Syrian opponents as beggars on the threshold of non-Muslim countries because they “insulted their president.” The words of Hamza Yusuf, described as an American preacher close to Trump, were documented in a tape filmed years ago and circulated on social media sites recently, where he was delivering a speech ...

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