Right Before Our Eyes ;Part (7) – The Muslim Brotherhood as a backup force for British intelligence and the CIA

By : ( Thierry Meyssan )

We continue to publish Thierry Meyssan’s book, “Right before our eyes” (Sous nosyeux).

In this episode, the author describes how President Jimmy Carter and his national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, used the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist capabilities against the Soviets.

Carter-Brzezinski’s Strategy and Change in Priority: Saudi Arabia, which until then was the main financier of Islamic groups, bore the burden of managing the war funds against the Soviets. Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Turki (then King Faisal’s son), became an unmistakable figure in all Western intelligence summits. After problems between Arabs and Afghans became a recurring phenomenon, Prince Turki initially sent Abdullah Azzam, the “Imam of Jihad,” to rearrange matters between the Brotherhood and run the affairs of the Muslim World League office, followed by billionaire Osama bin Laden. (Abdullah Azzam, a Saudi, and Osama bin Laden were trained in Riyadh by SayyidQutb’s brother Muhammad Qutb, both of whom led respectively the Muslim Brotherhood fighters in Afghanistan) .

During the Carter administration, the Muslim Brotherhood also carried out a long campaign of terrorism in Syria, including the killing of non-Sunni officers in Aleppo’s military college by the Vanguard Combat, which had training camps in Jordan where they received military training by British trainers. During those years of lead, the CIA reached an alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and a small group of former communists, Riad al-Turk group. This communist and his friends, George Sabra and Michel Kilo, severed their relationship with Moscow during The Lebanese Civil War in support of the Western camp, and then joined an American Trotskyist group from the Social Democratic Party in the United States and issued a statement claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood represents the “new proletariat” and that Syria can only be saved through US military intervention.

The Muslim Brotherhood eventually attempted a coup in 1980, with the support of the Iraqi Baath Party (which cooperated with Washington against Iran) and Saudi Arabia.

The clashes in Hama later resulted in 2,000 deaths, according to the US Department of Defense, and 40,000 according to the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA.These Trotskyites were imprisoned, while most Brotherhood members fled either to Germany (where former Syrian leader Isam al-Attar is) or to France (as in the case of Abu Musab al-Suri), where they were given by Chancellor Helmut Cole and President Francois Mitterrand. , Asylum.

Two years later, a scandal broke out among the opposition, who became in exile, during the sharing: (three million dollars disappeared from an envelope containing 10 million, presented by the Muslim World League)

to be continued…

source: (voltairenet.org)

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