Daily Archives: Monday October 7th, 2019

The Scofield Bible

True that Christian-Zionism predates this book, but this “edition” of the Bible seems to have provided the movement with a powerful tool to push its agenda. Few Years ago, MaidhcO’ Cathailaddressed this issue and  exposed not only its biased and inaccurate interpretation of the Bible, but also the dubious character of its author,  his suspicious affiliations and several other hints ...

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Turkey’s problems stem from Erdogan’s support for terrorists in Syria Former Turkish

Minister of Economy, Oufuq Suilmaz, stressed that Turkey’s economic and financial problems stem from the role played by the head of the Turkish regime in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria. In a television interview today, Süelmaz pointed out to the Turkish regime the need for collective action between Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia and Turkey in order to deal with the ...

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