Daily Archives: Tuesday October 8th, 2019

A Revolutionary Evolution in the Controversial Gene Modification Technique!

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough by developing the technique of genetic modification (CRISPR) to be able to modify “tens or even hundreds of genes,” allowing scientists to reprogram entire gene networks at once.  Previously, (CRISPR-Cas) managed to modify a handful of genes at once, and usually could only control one at a time. However, the new researches open up ...

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Organ trade is a global empire whose capital is Israel

Many crises have afflicted Syrians since mid-2011, one of which is the tradein their bodies andmakingthem commodities thatcouldbesold, especially those under the control of transnational terrorist criminal organizations, which have been involved in human trafficking, or even refugees passing through Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. According to the “Daily Mail”, which refers to a serious party engaged in trade in human ...

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