Organ trade is a global empire whose capital is Israel

Many crises have afflicted Syrians since mid-2011, one of which is the tradein their bodies andmakingthem commodities thatcouldbesold, especially those under the control of transnational terrorist criminal organizations, which have been involved in human trafficking, or even refugees passing through Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

According to the “Daily Mail”, which refers to a serious party engaged in trade in human organs of the Syrians, whichis ISIS “Daesh”, as it relied on trafficking in human organs and drug trafficking, to fill its treasury.

it recruited foreign doctors to remove internal organs from the dead and living hostages, including women and children.

The most recent party ,involved in the sale of human organs of Syrians, is Israel thatis advanced in the field of human organ transplantation, as the Hebrew website “Walla” reveals: “There is a demand by the Zionists to trade human organs, through terrorist organizations in Syria, often come from martyrs who fell in war, contrary to international law and amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

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