Societies Create Intelligence and Others Create Foolishness

The story says that ten children were playing next to a railway; nine of them chose to play next to a linewhere the train passesoccasion allywhereas the tenth child chose to play alone next to an abandoned rail line.

When the railroad worker saw the train coming, he panicked fearing for the life of the nine children playing on the rail line that the train will pass on.

The man thought quickly and decided to divert the train track to pass on the abandoned rail line where there is only one child playing. Thus, hesaved the life of the nine children and caused minimal losses by his decision.

At first glance, it turns out that the railroad worker has chosen the right decision in the quantitative logic.

However, when we think about the qualitative logic, we will discover that he was wrong.

The child whom the workersacrificed was the smartest among the ten children because he is the only one who thought and chose the right decision to play in the safe area.

Nevertheless, the other children rescued by the workerare stupid and irresponsible because they didnot think in a right way and chose to play in the dangerous area.

This analysis might be illogical and unemotional for somepeople;however, the lesson is to highlight the largest difference betweencommunities that make intelligenceamong their individuals and the ones that makestupidity.

Stupid communities sacrifice the intelligent and the qualified people, whereas intelligent communitiesare pursuing minds and secure them because intelligent people lead society and make happiness and future even for stupid people.

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