Daily Archives: Thursday October 10th, 2019

US experts reveal the truth of the alleged chemical in “Khan Sheikhon”

The manuscript of a scientific study that has been worked on by a group of American scientists to discover the details of what actually happened in Khan Sheikhoun and who caused the attack (assuming that it happened) resulted in a dispute and disagreements among scientists, and the prevention of the newspaper (Global Security and Science) SGS famously published the study ...

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The church is a crossing point for the reopening of European embassies in Damascus

Certainly, the Hungarian government has begun to take practical steps to restore its diplomatic relations with Syria, which has angered key members of the European Union, who want to continue severing relations. The Financial Times reported that diplomatic sources in Brussels and Beirut said that the Hungarian authorities were taking steps to reopen its closed embassy in Damascus. If this ...

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What the world will look like in 50 years?

Underwater highways, hover board-based sports and holidays in space are some of the upcoming revelations which will be commonplace in 50 years’ time, a new report on the future of technology has predicted. The report also predicts the mass-scale production of 3D-printed organs, implants to monitor our health and self-cleaning homes will be key parts of everyday life. The predictions ...

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