The church is a crossing point for the reopening of European embassies in Damascus

Certainly, the Hungarian government has begun to take practical steps to restore its diplomatic relations with Syria, which has angered key members of the European Union, who want to continue severing relations.

The Financial Times reported that diplomatic sources in Brussels and Beirut said that the Hungarian authorities were taking steps to reopen its closed embassy in Damascus.

If this happens, it will be the first time a country in the European Union has moved to reopen a closed embassy in Syria.

There have been several attempts to reopen European embassies in Damascus, which have been rejected by Washington and Turkey !.

The argument is that such a step would legitimize Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and give the Syrian economy a boost.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry ignored the news and gave no statement, so Brussels was forced to seek clarification in an official way.

“From next year 2020, Hungary will send a diplomat who will visit Syria from time to time to follow up on humanitarian support and consular duties,” the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said.

With the rise of the European right to power in several countries, Hungary’s Prime Minister (Viktor Orban), who presented himself as a defender of Christianity, came to Orban with senior representatives from various Christian communities in Syria, including the papal ambassador in Damascus, Archbishop Mario Zinari, in early 2019, who highlighted the situation of Syrian Christians and provided € 1.5 million in assistance from Budapest for the project known as Open Hospitals, which began in mid-2017 with two hospitals in Damascus and another in Aleppo, offering free treatment to the poor and needy regardless of their religion or community.

The move came with the blessing of the Vatican, who began to correct some of his mistakes and the statements of the Pope, who was looking with one eye to the Syrian scene.

In order to avoid European criticism, the Hungarian prime minister has set up a special aid program called Hungary Helps, the largest part of which is to help Syrian churches. He helps Christians and under the auspices of the Vatican.

Hence the entrance … Europeans opposed to the restoration of relations with Damascus criticized Orban that his assistance was secondary and provided only several million.

But given Hungary’s small economy, aid is actually going to hospitals, not to arm terrorists and separatists.The aid provided by Budapest is more than twice as valuable as Washington’s.

Syria is no longer a priority and President Assad has triumphed: this is the reality that is happening in Europe. From our reading of what is happening here in Berlin, we see that Germany, France and Britain, no longer interested in what is happening in Syria, began to turn to other countries.

The Syrian state has moved eastward in granting its investments, and Berlin, Paris and London will not be represented by “love” besides… the cake of the underground wealth has been shared among the big, so why do these countries wait at the threshold of Damascus and Moscow?

You will get only the crumbs and the money they have spent on the Syrian opposition to arm and “humanitarian aid” went with the wind .. Aid to the Syrian opposition will stop permanently, and the trade of refugees has become a losing and stupid.

If Hungary begins, it will draw several European countries: the the right-wing Hungarian parliament party JobbikMagyarországértMozgalom;  with 26 seats; posted on its page : (We stand with the Assad government .. We hope that the Assad government will be able to stabilize the situation and continue its government service in the service of the Syrian people).

This is not only the opinion of a right-wing party that has dared to say it, but the opinion of several other European parties and senior officials, who are afraid to tell it to the media.

The Czech Republic is the only one that has not severed ties with Damascus, but Bologna also tends to the Hungarian view, Austria and Italy, which are led by two right-wing parties, who spoke of the need to improve relations with Damascus.

We note the softness of the German position this period with timid statements.For Turkey, the task of restoring relations with Damascus was entrusted to the opposition Republican Party in the process of sharing roles with Erdogan’s party.

If Hungary took the step, it will open the door to reopening European and non-European embassies in Damascus. The rest of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Damascus will need repair and cleaners to sweep the dust of the war years from the walls of foreign embassies…

Source : (Firil Center For Studies FCFS Berlin;Jameel M. Shaheen)


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