UN documents reveal the number of foreign terrorists in Syria and their nationalities

The number of foreign terrorists is alarming, and they still say: (Syrian revolution!!).

Details from UN documents: Number of Foreign Terrorists in Syria: (171400).

Information and documents on the nationalities and number of foreign terrorists who have entered Syria since the beginning of the dirty war on Syria.

(24500) terrorists from Saudi Arabia; (5990) terroristswere killed, including 19 women and (2700) terroristswere lost.

(25800) terrorists from Turkey (5760) were killed and 380 (missing) terrorists.

(21000) Chechen terrorist (5230) terrorist werekilled and (1950)missing terrorist, and among the dead 16 women.

(14000) terrorists from occupied Palestine, most of them from the Hamas Muslim Brotherhood, (4920) terroristswere killed and (670) aremissing

(10500) terrorists from Tunisia (4200) terroristswere killed, including 45 women and (1260)missing terrorists.

(9500) terrorists from Libya (3940) terrorists werekilled and  (1650) terroristsaremissing.

(13000) terrorists from Iraq (3780) terrorists werekilled and (1200) missing terrorists.

(11000) terrorists from Lebanon (3110) terroristswerekilled and (1080) missing terrorists. Among the dead 7 women.

(8600) terrorists from Turkmenistan, including (3050) killed terrorists, 11 women, and (900) missing.

(7500) terrorists from Egypt (2100) were killed and (870) were missing.

(3800) terrorists from Jordan (1990) terrorists were killed and (265) terroristswere missing.

(4600) terrorists from Pakistan (1380) were killed and (590) were missing.

(3600) terrorists from Afghanistan (1380) terrorists were killed and (630) terroristswere missing

(2800) terrorists from Yemen (1440) terrorists were killed and (700) terroristswere missing.

(2550) terrorists from Kazakhstan (1130) terrorists werekilled.

(2700) terrorists from Uzbekistan (780) terrorists werekilled and (390) terroristswere missing., among the dead 4 women.

(1900) terrorists from Kuwait (640) were killed and 8 were missing.

(1950) terrorist from Algeria (620) terrorists werekilled and (44) terroristswere missing..

(2100) terrorists from Morocco (610) terrorists werekilled including 7 women and (630) terroristswere missing.

(30.000) terrorists from Western Europe and from different nationalities (America, France, Russia, Britain, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden ، Finland, Denmark and Norway).

This means that the total number of terrorists who entered Syria is (171400) terrorists, of whom (51910) were killed by the Syrian Arab Army and (33847) were either arrested or fleeing.

United Nations documents: These figures are published in a document adopted by the United Nations.

Published by the Egyptian writer “RefaatSayyed Ahmed” in a book entitled: (Syria in the face of the global war; facts and documents).

Page No (520 and 521)

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