Albukamal crossing “No red lines” ?!

In a move that is considered a specific challenge to the red line (US-Israel) announced years ago, the governments of Damascus and Baghdad, in the context of the celebration of the opening of the Albukamal border crossing between Iraq and Syria, to be open to free and safe flow of goods and personnel under the authority and control and supervision of the Syrian and Iraqi national armies; free of any guardianship, control or interference of any foreign power, which experts in regional affairs from the West or the East consider, the end of a stage and the beginning of another and a qualitative shift in the balances prevailing in the area from the Mediterranean to Iran.

Washington and Tel Aviv did not hide during the years their public warnings of the continuation of the Syrian – Iraqi geography, and considered it a red line that the Americans and Israelis have done a lot to prevent, and overcome the threat and win the strategic integration established by the declaration to provide economic and oil opportunities and security cooperation, continues with the parallel opening between.

Iraq and Iran , and the railway project linking the three countries, which deal a severe blow to the language of sanctions and blockade, as it provides strategic communication between the parties of the axis of resistance, which haunts “Tel Aviv” and confuses Washington, according to the Lebanese al-Benaa newspaper.

The Lebanese al-Akhbar, in turn, believes that this opening has many implications politically, economically and strategically.

At the very least, it is an explicit declaration that the two countries have recovered after years of blood and fire. In Baghdad, as in Damascus, the decision is the same: both sides stick to the option of the state, and only want the other on the other side of its border..

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