Syrian migration season to the north ?

The editorial ofRai al-Youmsees that the return of 150,000 Syriansvoluntarily, who had been residing in Jordan mostly as refugees, since the opening of the border crossing between the two countries a year ago , is a step is in the interest of the Syrian authorities, and reflects the stability of the situation in recent months, the decline in violence, and the attachment of the Syrians and their love for their country.

These figures were published by the Jordanian Ministry of Interior, which confirmed in a statement the Jordanian authorities’ commitment to the principle of voluntary return of refugees and to take all necessary measures in this regard.

Ironically, this announcement coincided with semi-confirmed reports that thousands of displaced Syrians have returned to their villages and towns in the southern rural areas of Hama and Idlib via the Souran crossing in the northern countryside of Hama after the Syrian Arab Army has recovered these areas. Besides;hundreds of thousands cannot be ruled out after the situation in Idlib has been resolved.

the newspaper  said thatthe Syrians are among the world’s most keen people to stay in their country, refuse to emigrate and uphold national dignity. All they aspire to is security, stability, respect for human rights, and the elimination of corruption.

There seems to be a steady improvement in some of these fields in light of the steadfastness of the Syrian state in the face of US and Israeli-backed fragmentation plots, and the success of the Syrian army in restoring most of the territory to the sovereignty of the Syrian state.

Syrian refugees currently in Turkey, some of whom face racial harassment, are looking to return to their homeland, and do not want to be used as a political card in the hands of one or another country, or to be forced against their will to be settled in a safe area in the north or the south.

They want to return to their cities and villages, and their country, which is the kind and nostalgic incubator they should have, compared to their suffering in exile. A study conducted by UNHCR confirmed that (75) percent of Syrian refugees have a strong desire to return to their homes, because we know the Syrian people well, as we know the extent of his adherence to his land, and his willingness to die in defense of its sovereignty, independence and national and territorial integrity … The paper concludes.

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