Experts discover “Wide Spy” Operations via the SIM Cards

Users of mobile phones demonstrate a great care tithe safety of the programs that they download on their phones. However, they often forget that the (SIM) card may sometimes turn into a “spy and access point”. According to “Adaptive Mobile” companyspecialized in “digital security”, the SIM card posesa great danger more than the spywaresinstalledon the phone.According to the technical “Engadjet” site, thegapof the SIM card or what is known as a “Simjacker”allows forspy operationson the phone by an undisclosedcompany. This access will be via sending an”SMS” to the user where the text contains a link to a web supported by some SIM cards through a technique known as “S@T”.

In the beginning, this technique was launched in order for you to open the web browser or play the voice and do several operations on the phones. However, the gap of the SIM card depends on this technology in order to get

informationrelated to the “Location” of the user then to havewhat is known as the numbers of “the international identity of mobile phones”. At a later stage, those numbers are sentto another device thattakes partin hacking via a text massage that recordsall the required data.

In addition, theSMS contains codes very similar to those ofspywares that are sent to penetrate the phones and often giveinstructions to the SIM card in order to control the device andexecute certain orders. Furthermore, the experts clarify that this penetration happens in a silent and unnoticedway although the operation is via a text massage.

When this penetration happens, the hacking side cangetall the data on a continuing basis and without stopping. Moreover, this operation did not target the cheap phones only, but also the “iPhone” as well as “Android” phones. Besides, the security company clarified that this penetration happened in more than (30) countries in the world,and the operation targetedmainly the Middle East region,North Africa and Asia and East Europe during a period not less than two years. The “Adaptive Mobile” company indicated that some users were subjected to spying through hundreds of attacks withinone week.




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