The relationship between education and learning

The whole world today complains of problems and difficulties, and groans of difficulties and predicaments. Researchers find solutions and proposals, and reformers search for medicines and treatments, so that people live in comfort and safety, and are not guided to a path yet, and it is good work that the reformers are aware of the origin of the problem, namely the human.

The treatment of any problem stems from the human being, the most important problem facing the nation today, is the human being and his construction; If a person is neglected and grew up without education, he will be separated from his roots ; hewill be lost and sowill be everyone around him.

Progress and advancement are achieved not only by politics or by money, but primarily by preparing the generation that contributes to the creation of a self-developed structure that promotes the desired progress.

  • The relationship between education and learning: learning: the delivery of information as it is and perceive the reality.

Education is the art and experience of communicating information properly to the recipient. Thus, the relationship between education and learningisa correlativeone, scienceis the body, and education the spirit of this body, learning is part of education, education is general comprehensive, and both cannot be separated, as the indication of learning is a specific topic, whileeducation has a general the medindication.

learning may aim to acquire knowledge, practice skills, memorize text, or read mathematical or natural law. while education aims to:

  • Develop a sense of taste and beauty in the universe.

  • breeding conscience.

  • The development of conscious free will.

  • Advancing human values and modifying patterns of human behavior.

Education is the foundation of all progress and goodness, and the title of every change and renaissance, it is the effort that educators in a society make to create future generations based on the theory of life they believe in.

Educationis human in its physical, mental, scientific, linguistic, sentimental, social, and religious aspects, guiding him towards goodness and bringing him to perfection.


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