“Google” Built the Most Powerful Quantum Computer in the World

The “Financial Times” reported that Google has built the most powerful computer that has achieved quantum supremacy.

According to the newspaper, this super device is able to perform the calculations and the tasks much more quickly than the (Summit) computer that was produced by (IBM) company and was considered the most powerful “super computer” in the world.

Moreover, the British newspaper wrote that the calculation process, performed by the giant (IBM) computer in 10,000 years, this new Google computer is able to perform it in 200 seconds only.

In the paper, the researchers said that, “to their knowledge, the experiment marks the first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor”.

Furthermore, the report stated, “this serious acceleration, compared to the known classical algorithms, provide an experimental application for the quantum excellence in the calculation issues”.

In addition, the newspaper adds that the group of designers in “Google” described this giant computer as” an important point in the way of the widespread quantum computing process” and they expected that the quantum computers would be many times higher than the indicators of progress existed in the law of “Gordon Moore”.

The paper noted that “Google” refused to provide any comments on the subject.

Source : (Linta Row)

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