Slaughtering Trump’s dairy cow is a matter of time

Saudi Prince Khalid bin Farhan Al-Saud said that Saudi Arabia is witnessing a reactionary police dictatorship that adheres to the person of the king, and announced the establishment of a Saudi political movement opposing it to be the nucleus of political transformation in the kingdom to the free constitutional monarchy in which the king owns and does not rule.

The collapse of Saudi Arabia began when an unworthy crown prince was imposed and accusations from “close associates” focused on defaming the kingdom’s prestige, and working to subordinate the kingdom further to Washington.

Causes that may lead to the collapse of Saudi Arabia: Neutrally and away from close associates and enemies, there is a set of reasons already mentioned at the Firil Center for Studies, some of which occurred pending the completion of the circle, so that Saudi Arabia will disappear in 2023:

  • First: a hidden internal conflict between the centers of power in the royal family over the policies of the Crown Prince and what he has done, with the growing internal discontent of the Saudi citizen because of the imposition of more taxes, deteriorating economic situation and increasing poverty. The killing of King Salman’s bodyguard, Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz al-Fagham, may be part of this conflict. London-based Saudi dissident Mohammed al-Massari warned in May 2019 that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would kill him.Was he killed by chance?!

  • Second: Saudi Arabia has failed before and after Mohammed bin Salman to achieve its objectives in Syria, the overthrow of the regime, despite the seeding of billions in support of terrorist groups, and thousands of terrorists sent to fight the Syrian army. Now Riyadh is returning to reach a hand of reconciliation with Damascus, not out of love for it or Arabism, but to confront Qatar and Turkey .. As Saudi Arabia failed to blockade Qatar, despite the sanctions and the siege of Doha and its terrorist regime, economic and military ..Saudi Arabia was involved in the deal of the century and the semi-public normalization with Tel Aviv, which increased hatred of the Arab and Islamic peoples, then came Trump’sextortingas he robbed hundreds of billions of Saudi treasury, in exchange for the survival of the rule to make matters worse .. How not to become the title of Saudi Arabia “Trump’s dairy cow!” Saudi Arabia got involved in Yemen and committed massacres ashamed of history .. Houthis with their simple capabilities were able to bomb airports, military bases and oil refineries, so that three of the Houthis captured hundreds of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries with their individual weapons .. Is there more humiliation thanthat?.

It also failed in Lebanon to support its followers, including politicians, militia leaders and Islamist parties, in an effort to isolate Hezbollah at least politically. It arrested “Saad Hariri” and Riyadh could not subject the Lebanese President to it and left Lebanon facing the worst economic crisis in its history…

  • Third: In a competition for the leadership of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia has been hostile to Turkey and the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, led by Erdogan. It increased its intervention in Syria after its previous plan, backed by Kurdish separatists with the UAE, failed to confront Ankara;soit moved againstthem Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood branches in Iraq, Syria, and Palestine (Hamas). It made Iran the bogeyman that scares Muslim peoples instead of Israel. Twenty drone aircraft made it scream as it tried to extinguish Aramco’s fire, while Britain and the United States were watching;sohowcan it confront the real Iranian missiles?

Can Saudi Arabia collapse economically? The restriction of Mohammed bin Salman on the princes and wealthy Saudi Arabia, to rule alone has made the Kingdom an unsafe place to invest in the opinion of many. If several factors are combined with this factor, the end may be close. Expectations of economic growth for the next two years will be 0.3%, i.e. deflation.Lowering the price of a barrel below (60) dollars means a budget deficit;and if a global economic crisis looms, Saudi Arabia is on the verge of an economic collapse.

Despite its resources sufficient for the Arab countries combined, the International Monetary Fund confirmed a deficit of 6.5% for 2019, noting that the Saudi government recognized a deficit of 4.2% ..

Did you imagine? Saudi Arabia has a budget deficit ..

Can it fight Iran? The accumulation of these factors has made the Saudi regime reeling, so the Saudis have one solution to prevent the collapse: to get rid of Mohammed bin Salman in any way …

In any case; (Trump’s dairy cow will dry its udder and its slaughtering is a matter of time.) M. Hashem

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