Digital drugs

There is no doubt that you’ve once heard about one of the sessions or seminars on digital drugs ;whenever comes the talk about digital drugs it’salways accompanied by intimidation …

Is it similar to the effect of ordinary drugs? Doseit kill? Is it addictive? How to protect our children?

Digital drugs spread on more than one site, which are audio clips (MP3) and is based on the introduction of two different tones in each ear, giving users a kind of euphoria, which is similar to the sensation given by ordinary drugs by deceiving the brain with two tones, while others consider that the effects of drugs Digital does not go beyond relaxation and tranquility, as the feeling that you may experience when practicing yoga.

Digital drugs were used in the 1980s to treat some depression and insomnia.

These tones produce stimulants and mood levels, through electromagnetic oscillations.

“Digital drugs, like natural drugs such as cocaine and heroin,” have many dangers to the individual:

  • Shivers and cramps in the body.

  • Affects the psychological and physical condition of the abuser, and isolates him from social life and therefore low production capacity.

  • Addiction and depletion of money to get them.

What can be called digital drugs or other things that are spread in cyberspace, shows and sexual products or regular drugs are promoted in a way that attracts the recipient and make it drown, day after day, promoters provide these audio recordings for free in the first time, then when the person likes it, it becomes paid.

With electronic chaos accompanying our children in their digital lives, childhood and public health are in danger.

Today, if my son is looking for digital drugs, I have to intervene and understand the reasons for this trend and help him to identify the problem, digital drugs may be the beginning of other things.


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