A truth for theto free the world

The most dangerous statement issued by the American press, specifically the Washington Post, written by the veteran journalist: ( Hanrikbantenwi ) :

  • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is about to declare his great victory over the world, on top of it the United States.

  • President al-Assad is very, very intelligent, and he has become an unbearable man for the West.

  • America has received strong and resonant slaps from this young man.

  • The Syrian army deserves respect, it is a great army and no army in the world can put up with what this army has endured.

  • Is it possible for a man to walk toward death knowing that he is going to die, and still walk toward that way, not caring at all to what may happen to him, because he is taking the initiative to save his homeland.

  • In both cases, however, I did not imagine that the Syrian army had all this courage and greatness, and that a young, beautiful, innocent, young man could rule such an army and take control of his country.

  • Instead of looking for ways to “overthrow”President al-Assad;, I suggest that the United States should search why he has remained in power so far, why his army is so loyal to him, and why his people love him that much.

  • Do the Syrian people do not follow the media?! .. Do the Syrian people do not have television in their homes ?! We should really be amazed, study and know very well how they could outperform the propaganda of the media, which worked according to very organized Orchestra and Maestro and the most powerful criminals who have been skillfully collected, prepared and framed, according to distinguished psychology experts.This was done with Gulfand Saudi Arabia funds under the direct management of the American intelligence in the Pentagon and Israeli intelligence and others who have failed miserably and very expensively and that is a surprising precedent and something that has never happened before and examples are countless from the civil war in Lebanon to Iraq to Tunisia, Egypt and Libya through the countries of Africa And Latin America, Europe and others.

  • The Syrian people are not underdeveloped and I do not think that it applies to the classification of people from third world countries.

  • In fact; if any country wants to stay in this world;it needs to have such a people.

  • A complete collapse of the plan to turn Syria into scorched land dedicated to the flow of Qatari gas and Saudi oil through Turkey (which promised a large share in return) to western Europe, which feeds it with cheaper alternatives from Russian sources and weakens Iranian capabilities, which reduces the costs of European industrial production and shakes the control and competition of Chinese goods.It explains the size and successful coordination among the three to support the mythical and never-expected resilience of the Syrians and their army and leadership.

    It is fair to accept this bitter truth and we should swallow it in America with or against our will. The frustration of all the partners of the aggression against Syria appeared to be quite apparent in the disintegration of the ties between the sheikhdom of Qatar and the Saudi monarchy, the cynical confusion between Congress and the president in the American positions, and the fragility of the Turkish leadership.

    A great leader, a respectable people, a great homeland, and a great history that theyreally deserve.

# Henrik ponten # (Washington Post) 10/10/2019

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