“The Man who did not Sign” is a Person and a Choice in Essence

“The Man who did not Sign” is a person and a choice in essence. In reality, our substantive massage wasthat President Hafez Al Assad led the negotiations among a group of diplomats, experts and military leaders whospoke with dignity.

Moreover, we talked about the unforgettable president for his person because he deserves to be talked about. However, we wanted to say that he is the son of his country thatgives birth to men like him, a country that has its long history, pride and dignity.

Besides, his refusalto sign Geneva Agreement did not represent his person, but rather he represented all of Syria with its culture.

If the matter related to his person only, the change would be after hours, days and years. The Treaty of Peace was signed under conditions refused by the president personally.

Furthermore, the man who did not sign is a choice in essence because President Bashar Al Assad adopted this approach and mentality and did not give up or make any concessions despite all the pressures, accusations and temptations.

“If Syria fell, the Arab world entirely would fall because Syria does not represent itself only. Moreover, the people who support Syriado not support it for its president, even though he deserves the support,nor for the state of Syria even if it deserves that and nor for the Syrian people even if this majestic people truly deserves to be proud of themselves before their country and state. However,he or she supports it because it is a real castle and if Syria falls, the originality, civilization, history and culture will fall”.

An extract from what the journalist “Ghassan Ben Jeddo” has said in an intellectual symposium and in abook signing ceremony “The Man who did not Sign” during the 31stbook fair in Damascus.

This book summarizesthe documentary series “The man who did not Sign” produced by “Al Mayadeen”net.

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