Washington Post : Trump fled ?!

Mr Trump without any consideration without warning, without consulting the allies without regard to other countries that fought alongside the United States and risked their men and women in the battle – may have fled,” wrote the Washington Post sarcastically in reference to the American abandonment of the “Kurds,” which -according to the newspaper-suffered the death of nearly (11000) men and women and the United States lost dozens of troops in what it called the fight against “IS” ..

The Washington Post said President Trump had thrown everything away. The paper overlooks the Kurds as well as the Israelis.

His surrender is so hasty that US forces have not been able to implement a long-term plan to hold dozens of prominent ISIS detainees.

The newspaper added that Iran has strengthened its power, which threatens “Israel.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has also strengthened his power, and Russia is taking over.

America’s enemies could not have achieved a better result. The “Washington Post” pointedout that Trump likes to take his image as a hero of American fighters.

But what is the most bitter drug that any commander-in-chief could givethan  orderinghis soldiers to abandon their comrades who fought alongside them?

He likes to be, as a great enemy of Iran, and even while fleeing Syria, he orders the sending of 1,800 US troops to Saudi Arabia, ostensibly to deter Iran.

But this publication, while proving its utter inconsistency in its claim to “end the wars in the Middle East,” will have much less impact on Iran than the US withdrawal from Syria, which opens the door for it to amplify its influence there, on the borders of “Israel”; the news papersaid.

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