Daily Archives: Sunday November 3rd, 2019

The Largest Part of the Syrian 2020 Budget is Set for Wages and Salaries

The vicechair person of the Syrian Planning and International Cooperation Commission “Fadel Allah Gharz Aldeen” sheds the light on/has highlighted the major items of the Syrian draft budget for the year 2020, where wages and salaries constituted the largest part of it. Besides, he has stated that the budget estimated (4) thousand billion Syrian pounds,and it has two parts; the ...

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Great benefits for the most popular drink in Syria

Mate is one of the most popular beverages in Syria and neighboring countries, and is healthier than many other beverages such as coffee and tea. Med Doz doctors explain the importance of mate is in the following reasons: Rich in antioxidants : Mate is rich in antioxidants more than green tea, tea, coffee and chocolate, as well as it contains ...

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Shocking Statistics on Addiction in the World

The Swiss writer “Johann Hari” who covers the war on drugs declared that the punitive actions used in the United States against drug addiction and alcoholism are ineffective and insufficient according to many experts working in this field. Besides, he added that the punishment of the addicts increases their suffering, sowe must assimilate the new guides concerning addiction and change ...

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