Shocking Statistics on Addiction in the World

The Swiss writer “Johann Hari” who covers the war on drugs declared that the punitive actions used in the United States against drug addiction and alcoholism are ineffective and insufficient according to many experts working in this field.

Besides, he added that the punishment of the addicts increases their suffering, sowe must assimilate the new guides concerning addiction and change many policies related to this problem into new ways such as societal and spiritual treatment.

Furthermore, it is stated that the figures related to the statistics of addiction in the world are shocking and the states seek in their full capacities to save their young people from this plague in order to avoid the graveeconomic and social disadvantages.

In addition, it is estimated that around (250) million of world’s adult population at least injected drugs in (2018) regardless of the huge number of alcoholics.

This led the states to exert more scientific and economical effort and expand the scope of cooperation among them to alleviate the disastrous effects of addiction on humanity as much as possible.

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