The Largest Part of the Syrian 2020 Budget is Set for Wages and Salaries

The vicechair person of the Syrian Planning and International Cooperation Commission “Fadel Allah Gharz Aldeen” sheds the light on/has highlighted the major items of the Syrian draft budget for the year 2020, where wages and salaries constituted the largest part of it.

Besides, he has stated that the budget estimated (4) thousand billion Syrian pounds,and it has two parts; the first one is the current appropriationup to(2700) billion pounds at the  rate of 67.5% and the second one is up to(1300) billion pounds for investment.

Concerning the current appropriation, the officer said that the largest part of it is set for wages and salaries and it is only for employees in agencies of an administrative nature.

However, in the economic institutions, wages and salaries will enter its private budgets. Furthermore, he added that the budget would provide many employment opportunities and he estimated it by more than (83) thousand opportunities.

Moreover, (40) billion pounds have been allocated to support the agricultural and productive industrial sector, (50) billion pounds for reconstruction, and (25) billion Syrian pounds for repaying the depts of the public sector for the social insurance.

Additionally, he noted that the remark ablething in the budget of the year 2020 is supporting the productive sectors especially the agricultural and industrial ones. Emphasis has been placed on priority investment projects in order to establish new developmental ones,complete the existing strategic projects, and support the production process that helps to improve the living standards of the citizens.

Source: “Al Watan”

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