Great benefits for the most popular drink in Syria

Mate is one of the most popular beverages in Syria and neighboring countries, and is healthier than many other beverages such as coffee and tea.

Med Doz doctors explain the importance of mate is in the following reasons:

  • Rich in antioxidants : Mate is rich in antioxidants more than green tea, tea, coffee and chocolate, as well as it contains derivatives of the most important amino acids.

  • Increases energy and mental focus: because of the presence of caffeine in it, which is very useful for the organization of mental processes.

  • Improves physical capacity: Moderate caffeine in the body provides the energy needed to improve muscle function and reduce fatigue.

  • Sepsisr esistance : It contains components that contribute to the elimination of some germs, parasites and fungi on the one hand, and maintain the kinetics of the process of urinary excretion on the other hand, in addition to supporting the work of the immune system.

  • Metabolism support and weight loss: Mate contributes to cutting appetite and promotes metabolism, thereby supporting fat burning processes.

  • Reduced blood sugar : Some studies have found that the mate promotes the secretion of insulin by a small percentage and help the body’s systems to regulate the level of blood sugar, and thus contribute to the delay of diseases and disorders associated with the disease.

Mate is an evergreen tree plant up to 4-6 meters high and grows wild. It is also grown as a commercial crop for local consumption and export in Paraguay and Argentina.

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