A Critical Article Entitled : ” Perhaps You Hate a Thing and It Is Good for You “

Once there was a person called “Logic” and another called “Fate”. They were riding a truck in a long travel.

Suddenly the truck stalled in the middle of the road, so they decided to carry on their way on foot before the night falls on them.

Then, they tried to find a shelter, but without success. Thus, the Logic decided to sleep next to a tree whereas the Fate decided to sleep in the middle of the street.

The Logic said to Fate :” Are you crazy! You are exposing yourself to death;a car might come and hit you”.

Then the Fate said to him:”and a car might come, see me and save our lives. Indeed, the Logic slept under the tree and the Fate slept in the middle of the street.

After an hour, a speeding car came and when it saw a person in the middle of the street, it tried to stop. However, the car could not stop, so it drifted towards the tree and hit the Logic and the Fate stayed alive.

That is the reality; sometimesdestiny plays its role with people because it is their share although it is contrary to reason.

Perhaps your latenesson travel is good for you, your deprivation of livelihood is a blessing, your failure to apply for a job is a benefit, and depriving you of a child is good.

Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you.

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