From Purity to Eternity

Purity is the way to Eternity. It is not merely a dream that pet the soul, nor is it an image that roams over great battles.

Purity is systematically purging human soul from all the ego-centered defects, ignorance, and behaviors afflicting it, which keep worsening more and more till they become a subversive plague that swaps and enforces its blackness over all that which is obscure or dimmed by customs and traditions.

On the patriotic level, purity is the natural and voluntary equivalent to the national values,that go up a clear range of levels from citizenship, in which all everyone are equals, to patriotism, where homeland becomes the faith, objective, and criterion for every attitude or behavior.

If we look into our reality, we can see that martyrs are those pure figures; those who broke free from the vicious circle of ego to the open space of altruism and immortality.

With their purity, they are the ones who exemplify the ultimate level of patriotic experience and here is the key idea which manifests itself: country is the above-all- power at the end of the day. It is the one who builds strong individuals and communities.

for, power and patriotism go hand in hand as a strong country breeds strong individual, groups and communities.

Thus, the presence of some so-to-speak powerful personalities in the common sense of the word, those who own money, power of decision and the privilege of manipulating the weak, doesn’t indicate by no means the country’s powerful status.

After all, they are but negative indicators that take everything and give nothing. They are the ones living for luxury and pleasures unconcerned about those building and defending their homeland and never bothering themselves ever to think about the pains and challenges those miserable people are suffering just to earn their bread sometimes.

The clear path to patriotism starts from here; where there are available the right education and belief system long with strict rules and a kind of thought  that goes to the depth human soul and feels the suffering of others Then, the political and social system can be formulated on the foundations of a self-sufficient producing nation, a nation in which everybody shares commitment to values, the role of production, equitable distribution of national wealth and finally open opportunities especially for those who are sacrificing and exerting every effort at this hard time and in the battlefields.

To them…the immortal martyr or still-waiting for martyrdom whose faith has never been shacked or taken by his pleasures or temptations which drove some to kill just to obtain some false and murderous joy.

By Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali


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