Educating a Nation…!

Education is generally about individuals including, the successful factors in education and the negative ones that do not help to educate individuals at any stage of school or at all stages.

However, our article today is about educating the Syrian people in general, benefiting from what has happened in Syria during the nine years.

No one denies that many of the retards who have neither the proper religious sense nor the proper sense of patriotism have betrayed this wounded country.

Besides, we are talking about a whole population of tens of millions from different religions, doctrines and ethnics.

By way of general education, we must not miss this golden opportunity because we have paid the price of our victory countless of martyrs, the disabled and the injured.

Furthermore, the attachment to the past was very harsh to many of these people because they do not want to abandon it.

They do not consider it as a mere bloody past rather they have done the impossible to take us to that dark painful past.

Subsequently, if people holdon to the past and do not live the present or foresee the future, they would not advance or progress.

The misplaced and distorted religious momentum and the hypocrisy that we show to the retards, pillars of the past and enemies of modernism, have added insult to injury/ made things worse, depriving us from the light of civilization and progress.

Additionally, enlightened people think that they are beyond the stage of clinging to the past! However, people who follow terrorist movements see and know exactly that we have not moved beyond the stage of holding on to the past because of the hypocrisy shown by governments before the Islamic Ideology.

Even governments who consider themselves enlightened are always accused of blasphemy by the Takfirist movements, and they fear the high proportion of retarded people.

As a result, these governments have maintained the policy of hypocrisy and have made a big mistake twice, the first one is the submission for backward thinking, and the second is not taking the initiative to free the retards of their obscurantist minds. Hence, enlightenment ends.

What is more, in the comprehensive popular education, g teaching our past must not be limited to a few pages in one subject, religious education should be the responsibility of families in their homes, which is the biggest attraction to the past for parents, and the experience of European Renaissance and its salvation from the rule of priesthood must be applied, trying to take advantage of the European experience.

In addition, if we wanted to reach modernity and the contemporary period, we must abandon the past educationally and cling to the present.

By: Dr. Ali Al Shoaibi – Damascus.


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