Life- ProlongingPreparation

A drug combination to extend the lifespan of laboratory animals by 48% was developed by scientists from the University College London and Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageingin Germany.

The installation of the combinationcontains substances already used as medical treatments:lithium products, trametinib as a cancer treatment and rapamycin as an immune system regulator, according to Science Daily…

Moreover, using the combination of these preparations can slow down the agingprocess infruit flies.

These results were by testing it on the laboratory mice, worms and transplanted cells. The three drugs all act on different cellular signaling pathways that together form a combined organization network the nutrient connected with the nutrients used.

Each drug individually extended lifespan by an average of 11%, while pairing them; they extended lifespan by roughly 30%.

Additionally, When the three drugs were combined, they reduce the side effects that occur when taking each alone. For example, the Lithium compensates for the negative effects of Rapamycin that contribute to resisting theInsulin.

Source: (Linta Ru).

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